Seveso Depot – Asturias

This March, the new platform specialized in containers for environmentally hazardous goods will start operating in the port of Gijon.

The concession of the Gijon port authority has a duration of 10 years. The project had been predicted for 2012 but suffered a significant delay due to objections expressed by environmentalist groups, which, all of them, have been solved satisfactorily. The project seeks to augment the security for containers with ADR rated goods that enter and exit from the port without the obligatory controls of storage and handling in accordance with the legal validity concerning those materials.
The construction, according to the Seveso II 96/82 EC directive and to its respective update 2003/105/EC, with an expected outcome of approximately one million euros, is offering the most advanced security measurements that are indispensable when it comes to handling with dangerous goods.
With this construction, the Gijon port will provide the adequate installations for the handling and storage of this type of goods. Furthermore, it counts on a containment dyke in order to avoid possible spills of the dangerous products.

Green Logistics Platforms is a company primarily held by the logistic operator Fitotrans, with the main objectives of storage and transport, as much by road as by railway, of dangerous goods complying with the SEVESO, ADR and APQ regulations.

With this goal in mind, in October an agreement with Renfe Mercancías was signed, which seeks the cooperation in the trafficking and the logistic management of classified goods, such as the intermodal distribution of containers according to the principles of security and respect for the environment.